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Download Loves of a Blonde Full Movie | Loves of a Blonde Movie Reviews

Genres: Comedy , Romance , Drama
Actors: Hana Brejchová , Vladimír Pucholt , Vladimír Mensík , Ivan Kheil , Jirí Hrubý , Milada Jezková , Josef Sebánek , Josef Kolb , Marie Salacová , Jana Novaková , Jarka Crkalová , Tána Zelinková , Zdena Lorencová , Jan Vostrcil , Antonín Blazejovský
Director: Milos Forman
Country: Czechoslovakia
Year: 1965
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (3464 votes)

A factory manager in rural Czechoslovakia bargains with the army to send men to the area, to boost the morale of his young female workers, deprived of male company since the local boys have been conscripted. The army sends reservists, mostly married middle-aged men – and the local beauty Andula, spurns those bold enough to try to win her, for the jazz pianist, newly come from Prague to perform. He seduces her and impresses her, telling her “most women are round, like guitars but you are a guitar by Picasso”. Staying the night with him causes a lecture on a young woman’s honour at her hostel so she throws over her other suitors and makes her way to Prague to find the young man. His protective Mamma and weary Pappa are not pleased when she arrives on the doorstep with her suitcase.

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Download A Summer Place Full Movie | To Watch The A Summer Place Film

Genres: Romance , Drama
Actors: Martin Eric , Jack Richardson , Beulah Bondi , Constance Ford , Troy Donahue , Arthur Kennedy , Sandra Dee , Dorothy McGuire , Richard Egan
Director: Delmer Daves
Country: United States
Year: 1959
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (1473 votes)

Troy Donahue’s first starring role. A story of middle-aged adultery intertwined with teenage love and adult hypocrisy about it set on an island off the Maine coast.

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Download A Zed & Two Noughts Full Movie | A Zed & Two Noughts Film Images

Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Andréa Ferréol , Brian Deacon , Eric Deacon , Frances Barber , Joss Ackland , Jim Davidson , Agnès Brulet , Guusje van Tilborgh , Gerard Thoolen , Ken Campbell , Wolf Kahler , Geoffrey Palmer , David Attenborough
Director: Peter Greenaway
Country: United Kingdom, Netherlands
Year: 1986
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (3562 votes)

Oliver Deuce, a successful doctor, is shattered when his wife is killed in a freak car accident involving the car being driven by Alba Bewick colliding with a very large rare bird. His twin brother Oswald is researching how carcasses decay at the local zoo. Alba survives the accident although she loses one leg, and her sinister physician eventually removes the other ‘because it looked so sad all alone’. Oswald and Oliver become involved in a menage a trois with Alba, and uncover very dubious trafficking in zoo property. But ultimately their only goal is to try and understand their mortal condition. Written by Dan Ellis Identical twins Oliver and Oswald Deuce lose their wives in a car crash caused by a white swan. The brothers, who are zoologists, become obsessed with the death and decay of animals. They both have a relationship with Alba, the driver of the crashed car, who loses first one leg then the other. When Alba dies, the twins film their own death. Written by

A Zed and Two Noughts follows the lives of Alba Bewick, and Oswald and Oliver Deuce. When an accident with a white swan leaves Alba without a leg and the Deuce’s wives dead the trio must cope with a scheming doctor and their own grief. It is the brothers’ grief that leads to their fixation with natural decay of animal flesh. As they progress in their grief process they seek more and more complex animals to watch fade away. The brothers’ obsessions leaves them in peril of losing their jobs and drives them closer to the person at the wheel when their wives perished, Alba. In the end, their insatiable apetite for decay leads them to the top of the food chain – Humans. But who must meet an end for the evolution of Oliver and Oswald’s grief?

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Download The Blair Witch Project Full Movie | Download The Blair Witch Project Movie In Divx Formats

Genres: Mystery , Horror
Actors: Jackie Hallex , Mark Mason , Patricia DeCou , Ed Swanson , Sandra Sánchez , Jim King , Bob Griffith , Michael C. Williams , Joshua Leonard , Heather Donahue
Director: Eduardo Sánchez , Daniel Myrick
Country: United States
Year: 1999
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (127753 votes)

Three film students travel to Maryland to make a student film about a local urban legend… The Blair Witch. The three went into the woods on a two day hike to find the Blair Witch, and never came back. One year later, the students film and video was found in the woods. The footage was compiled and made into a movie. The Blair Witch Project.

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Download Of Golf and God Full Movie | Watch Of Golf and God Full Film In Hd

Genres: Comedy
Actors: Leon Kaplov , Denise Jones , Balinder Johal , Cristiano Infanti , Fred Henderson , Robert Heimbecker , Curtis Harling , Sarah Groundwater , Zeus Ghadban , Rae-Ann Dillman , Kristine Cofsky , Kristian Ayre , Dena Ashbaugh , Jennifer-Juniper Angeli , Lindsay Marett
Director: Ryan Mains
Country: Canada
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 (24 votes)

Of Golf and God is feature-length comedy about Daniel, a pizza delivery guy by trade, who, after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, accidentally summons God to his side to help him cope with the ordeal. But this is no ordinary God; he’s a foul-mouthed, over-sexed “buddy God” that Daniel can relate to; and play golf with. But despite God’s help, Daniel continues to sleepwalk through life until a chance encounter with Beth, a cultured, carefree soul and old grade school classmate, has Daniel beginning to believe that there is much more to life than ex-girlfriends. But when a secret from Beth’s recent past surfaces, Daniel must choose between what feels familiar or what feels right.

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Download Longtime Companion Full Movie | Longtime Companion Film Streaming High Quality

Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Campbell Scott , Patrick Cassidy , John Dossett , Mary-Louise Parker , Stephen Caffrey , Tanya Berezin , Welker White , Michael Piontek , Joyce Reehling , Bruce Davison , Mark Lamos , Dermot Mulroney , Michael Schoeffling , Brian Cousins , Marceline Hugot
Director: Norman René
Country: United States
Year: 1989
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 (3194 votes)

Perhaps the first film to put a human face on the AIDS epidemic, Longtime Companion follows the lives of a small circle of friends from the first mention of the disease in the New York Times in 1981. First referred to as “Gay-Related-Immune-Disorder,” we watch the effect of the disease as it devastates the lives of our protagonists. Jumping between Manhattan and Fire Island, vignettes carry us from the it-couldn’t-happen-to-me mentality of the early days of the disease to the invasive effect it has had on all of our lives, today. The title of the film comes from the New York Times’ refusal to acknowledge homosexual relationships in their obituary section during this period. Instead, survivors were referred to as “Longtime Companions” of the deceased.

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Download Whistling in Brooklyn Full Movie | Whistling in Brooklyn Full Lenght Film In Hd Format

Genres: Comedy , Crime , Mystery
Actors: Red Skelton , Ann Rutherford , Jean Rogers , Rags Ragland , Ray Collins , Henry O’Neill , William Frawley , Sam Levene , Arthur Space , Robert Emmett O’Connor , Steven Geray , Howard Freeman , Tom Dillon , The Brooklyn Dodgers
Director: S. Sylvan Simon
Country: United States
Year: 1943
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (247 votes)

Wally Benton, “The Fox,” master detective on radio, is about to go with his sweetheart to Niagara Falls in order to get married. Unknown to him, his valet has told a newspaper reporter that Benton is “Constant Reader,” someone who has sent information to newspapers about murdered people and where to find their bodies, thus making the police look bad. The police are sure that “Constant Reader” is the murderer himself, since no one else could know all of the details. And so they begin a chase after Benton, a chase which leads to old abandoned warehouses and old abandoned mansions. Wally is being chased not only by the police but also by the real “Constant Reader.” Can he save his girl, his assistant, and the reporter and solve the crime before either the villain or the police, who have been told to shoot on sight, kill them all?

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Download For Me and My Gal Full Movie | For Me and My Gal Divx Hd

Genres: Musical , Romance
Actors: Judy Garland , George Murphy , Gene Kelly , Mártha Eggerth , Ben Blue , Stephen McNally
Director: Busby Berkeley
Country: United States
Year: 1942
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (1519 votes)

Set during WW I, Palmer and Hayden team up as vaudeville artists. Harry Palmer deliberately injures his hand to avoid being drafted to the army. Later, he makes up for this. WW I patriotism for a WW II audience, very sentimental, great musical episodes and songs.

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Download 8 Seconds Full Movie | I Want To Download 8 Seconds The Film

Genres: Biography , Drama , Sport
Actors: James Rebhorn , Cameron Finley , Carrie Snodgress , Dustin Mayfield , Clyde Frost , Elsie Frost , Luke Perry , Stephen Baldwin , Red Mitchell , Gabriel Folse , Joe Stevens , Clint Burkey , Cynthia Geary , Ronnie Claire Edwards , John Swasey
Director: John G. Avildsen
Country: United States
Year: 1994
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (2792 votes)

This film chronicles the life of Lane Frost, 1987 PRCA Bull Riding World Champion, his marriage and his friendships with Tuff Hedeman (three-time World Champion) and Cody Lambert.

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Download Max mon amour Full Movie | Can I Download Max mon amour The Movie

Genres: Comedy
Actors: Charlotte Rampling , Anthony Higgins , Victoria Abril , Anne-Marie Joubert , Nicole Calfan , Pierre Étaix , Bernard Haller , Sabine Haudepin , Christopher Hovik , Fabrice Luchini , Diana Quick , Milena Vukotic , Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu , Thomas Austerweil , Bonnafet Tarbouriech
Director: Nagisa Ôshima
Country: France, United States
Year: 1986
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (407 votes)

Reserved and cool, Margaret is the French wife of Peter, a British diplomat posted to France with their son Nelson. She takes a lover, a chimpanzee she bought from a zoo and installed in a flat. Peter asks that she bring the chimp, Max, to live with them. He obsesses about Margaret and Max’s relationship, hiring a prostitute so he can watch Max perform (Max declines) and peering through the keyhole as Margaret and Max sleep. He tries to kill Max, then finally accepts the ape’s presence. When she is called away to her ill mother’s bedside, Max stops eating. Worried, Peter takes Max and Nelson to the countryside so Max can be with Margaret; once there, Nature beckons. Is Max lost?

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