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Genres: Crime , Drama
Actors: John Cho , Jun-seong Kim , Jun-ho Jeong , Grace Park , Jane Kim , Lanny Joon , Hans Kim , Chil Kong , Dante Han , Haerry Kim , Joe Forbrich , Frank Jang , Elena Chang , Steve Pak , Jonathan Roumie
Director: Michael Kang
Country: Korea, Republic of, United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (387 votes)

“West 32nd” takes the cameras inside New York’s gritty Korean underworld. After hustling his way onto a homicide case, attorney John Kim (Cho) finds himself thrust into a sordid world of hard realities and moral compromises after he is taken under the wing of a ruthless Korean gangster who knows no limits.

Film Review

My wife and I drove up from DC to catch the premiere. We'd never been to an 'indie' film or been to a film festival, and so weren't quite sure what to expect. We left wishing we could stick around another day to watch it again.The story itself is not unique, but the way it's applied and used to paint a larger picture most definitely is. The cost of assimilation, as well as the cost of failing to assimilate, are both presented in stark contrast. It's something that anyone who's ever lived in a culture outside of their own can relate to – not just Korean, or for that matter, Asian, immigrants.The quality of production, acting and writing is all top notch, and not once during the film did I ever find it to be lesser than the hundreds of Hollywood flicks I've seen in my years. There's action, comedy, suspense, and all of it serves a purpose.The only thing I'm finding myself regretting is that we didn't book a hotel and stick around for the secon…

I picked this up in Chinatown because the cover showed a NYC taxi which told me that this was set in the Korean section of New York, its about two blocks from Penn Station. I was interested in the film because I was curious at how a Korean filmmaker would do a story set in New York. The film actually is an American tale of a Korean Lawyer who gets involved with the Korean underground. Its title location is a club on the titled street. I wish I had more to say about the film other than that long intro but I really don't. This is a well made but not particularly memorable film about a clash of cultures and getting involved with the darker side of life. Watchable but nothing special. 6.5 out of 10


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