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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Actors: Alice Evans , Daniel Lapaine , Sophia Myles , Matthew Rhys , Liam Cunningham , Edward Woodward , Patrick Malahide , John Arthur , Tom Murphy , Terry Byrne , Guy Carleton , Fedelma Cullen , Alexander Downes , Halina Froudist , Peter Gaynor
Director: Stefan Schwartz
Country: United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Germany
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10 (1103 votes)

Set in 18th century Ireland, the ‘Abduction Club’ is an infamous gang of men who woo, abduct, and marry wealthy heiresses. Garrett Byrne and James Strang are both younger sons and therefore unable to inherit titles or estates. To improve their situation they set their sights on the Kennedy sisters, but are unprepared both for the young women’s reaction and the trouble that follows them…

Film Review

Wow, I just finished watching this film again, I love it soo much! I love the fact that it is predictable, but also that it is a comedy. It had me and my flatmates laughing with joy. We all "awww"ed at the right times and I have to say it is definitely one of the best movies. It has no vulgar swearing, no sex and it is a joy to watch. I strongly recommend all to watch it! The sweet lines, and underlying message that true love conquers all gives everyone hope. My favourite line in the movie is when Strang says "I pity those who have not looked upon you face, how barren their dreams must be" how I wish that someone would say that to me!! This film makes you feel good whilst not being overly corny. Surely thats the best mix a film can get?Keeks

I found this great little period romance to be very pleasant. It was predictable and corny but what could you expect from a period romance – that’s why we watch them right? The scenery was terrific and certainly added to the romance of the film. I liked the humour between the male characters and found the dialogue of the film to be quite funny overall. The female characters, while certainly great eye candy were a little stilted in language and action, although I preferred Sophia Myles playing Anne to Alice Evans slightly lacklustre and wooden Catherine. I thought Matthew Rhys stole some of the limelight from Daniel Lapaine with his more affable portrayal of a destitute second son marrying for money rather than love, in truth I found Strang a more attractive character than Byrne. If anyone was looking for a serious period drama I would not recommend this movie but for some light romance with a touch of swashbuckle, obligatory sword play and excellent scenery I would not hesitate to su…


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