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Genres: Comedy , Musical
Actors: Jessica Harper , Cliff De Young , Richard O’Brien , Patricia Quinn , Charles Gray , Ruby Wax , Nell Campbell , Rik Mayall , Barry Humphries , Darlene Johnson , Manning Redwood , Wendy Raebeck , Jeremy Newson , Perry Bedden , Betsy Brantley
Director: Jim Sharman
Country: United States
Year: 1981
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (2559 votes)

Following on from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, this musical is set several years later in Brad and Janet Majors’ hometown – which has become a giant TV station; residents are either participants or viewers. They are married now, but their romance has fallen on the rocks. Ostensibly to fix their marriage, Brad is imprisoned on the program “Dentonvale” (the local mental hospital) while Janet is conscripted to become a new star. As Janet is entranced by the high life, she forgets Brad. Who is trying to woo her away?

Film Review

Forget everything you know about newlyweds Brad and Janet Majors and the events involving a drag queen from space for the time being. There will be no aliens or references to classic science fiction, b movie, and horror films. No Barry and no Susan. What we have now is a different couple to play the pair in the new decade. This time the role of Brad Majors goes to Cliff De Young, an actor from films like The Hunger and even a Stephen King miniseries. Janet Weiss, Or should I say Janet Majors now, is to be played by Jessica Harper, known primarily for her main role in Dario Argento?M)s Suspiria. But there are a few familiar faces out there to put a smile on our faces. Though familiar, they hold different identities then what we knew them as before. Our tub of warm waters of sins of the flesh will now be drained clean and refilled by misunderstood reality and game show satire. The music is usually hit-and-miss in the tune department but tends to make up for it in lyrics. This movie is q…

This film may not be anything like Rocky Horror, but as its own movie it is a Fabulous film, the music is fun and catchy, and the concept is phenomenal. The production design is wonderful, and the camera work is a style in its own. And the characters are great, they all have that awesome Richard O Brien touch.This is a Great film that catches the glamour and madness of its own original little world, and the lovely characters that reside in it. Don't think of it as a second part to Rocky Horror, because it wasn't really meant to be that, its its own film and a great one at that.I recommend that anyone who is a fan of this genre experience this film.

I saw this movie on video many years ago, so I confess that my memories of it are a bit vague. Still, I can't help thinking what a sheer act of perversity it was for scenarist/songwriter Richard O'Brien to re-assemble most of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show's" cast, re-use the characters of Brad and Janet (now married) and their hometown setting of Denton, and then not do a sequel to "Rocky Horror." (The big absences here, of course, are Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon, here replaced by Cliff DeYoung and Jessica Harper as Brad and Janet, and Tim Curry, who would have had no reprise of his Dr. Frank N. Furter role but was initially intended to be the wacko Farley Flavors.)The big joke here is that Brad and Janet go on a TV game show and unexpectedly get threatened with lobotomy. Whereas "Rocky Horror" was a delightful send-up of horror-movie conventions and clichés, the intended satire here appears to be of TV game shows, nothing that a…


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