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Genres: Comedy
Actors: John Belushi , Kathryn Walker , Cathy Moriarty , Dan Aykroyd , Igors Gavon , Dru-Ann Chuckran , Tim Kazurinsky , Tino Insana , P.L. Brown , Henry Judd Baker , Lauren-Marie Taylor , Sherman G. Lloyd , Bert Kittel , J.B. Friend , Bernie Friedman
Director: John G. Avildsen
Country: United States
Year: 1981
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 (4382 votes)

One man’s quiet suburban life takes a sickening lurch for the worse when a young couple move into the deserted house next door. From the word go it is obvious these are not the quiet professional types who *should* be living in such a nice street. As more and more unbelievable events unfold, our hero starts to question his own sanity… and those of his family.

Film Review

I think why this movie fails with most is that it hits too close too home…I listened to an Eel's song today (the other shoe)and immediately flashed back to this movie… Belushi and Aykroyd switched their original roles…with a purpose. Belushi is me…middle-aged, overweight, dull, and boring: the American dream: and he is faithful to that portrayal. Aykroyd is both the man without any moral restraints we long to be, and he is the man we hate, who laughs at the American dream and how it has gotten so twisted. It is a comment on American society and morality and the two actors play it well. Moriarty plays the American woman who can justify anything on whim, be it right or wrong, and Walker is the suffering American wife who is discontented with how her life has turned out. Of course, it is her husband's fault, not her own. Elaine, the child, is our offspring who disdainfully disregards our twisted way of life. It hits too close to home…listen to Eel's song (the oth…

I really thought I had John Belushi figured out but then I saw this little seen and underrated gem. Belushi's career was cut short by his tragic death but really what did we see of him to indicate that he had great comedic range? His film roles were very similar and he played over the top caricatures of people in his SNL sketches but what did we see that showed he could have evolved? Earl Keese is the role that shows that we lost a lot more than an excellent comedian, we lost a excellent comedic actor. Belushi is loud in his roles and that loudness offered terrific comedy but Earl Keese isn't loud or hip, he's a total nerd. The humor Belushi has to generate is more responsive to his environment rather than him being and creating the environment and he succeeds. I am really glad that Belushi and Ackroyd switched characters because Earl Keese is such an Ackroyd role and Vic is such a Belushi role. We get to see aspects of their talent in both actors and sadly in Belushi'…

Something that you would see on late-night TV, "Neighbors" is a compellingly warped, uncomfortably vindictive and boisterous black comedy that's so haphazard that it's a hard one to figure out. On that, I really enjoyed it! It was odd seeing John Belushi in a sober role (after the likes of "Animal House", "1941"and "The Blues Brothers") and this would be his last one before his death. Dan Aykroyd and Cathy Moriarty play the new flamboyant neighbours that would go on to make Belushi's character's life hell. Boy do they relentlessly torment him! A blonde Aykroyd goes for broke with his obnoxiously eccentric portrayal and Moriarty is absolutely delectable as the tantalizing scarlet. Kathryn Walker perfectly plays the bored housewife, who sees the new neighbors as a welcoming spice-up to the routine suburbanite lifestyle. The loose story (an adaptation of a novel) is rather slender with it mainly being made up of random episodic …


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