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Genres: Drama
Actors: Ryane Mahaney , Cynthia Huerta , Tony Gibson , Buckner Cooke , Dora Madison Burge , Leslie Powell , Rhett Wilkins , Leslie Langee , Anne Nabors , Michael D. Conway , Savannah Welch , Katie Lemon , Glen Powell , Michael Emerson , Bryan Chafin
Director: Kat Candler
Country: United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (161 votes)

When a 17-old boy loses his mother to suicide, he struggles with her death and the secret that plagued their family.

Film Review

i had a chance to hear the director speak about the film at sxsw. she seemed like a genuine person, and i don’t like giving this movie a poor review, but i’m not going to lie the thing was boring. the negative reviews i’ve read so far on here are a lot more accurate then the positives. the pacing is slow, the characters are hard to believe, and yeah, how did this movie even get accepted into this festival? so the movie is unflinching, big deal. original it’s not. cassidy kids, another film that played at sxsw, also dealt with teenagers, and it was a complete 180 from this film in terms of originality and spirit. maybe i’m being too mean, but i agree that this film probably got into this festival because it was shot locally here in austin, tx. as an austinite, it was interesting seeing a lot of austin areas up on the screen, and a lot of the production qualities of this film were actually pretty decent. the story definitely needed work though, at an hour and a half it felt like 3 hours…

I got to watch this at SXSW (3-11-06), and it was certainly a breath of fresh air. Most mainstream movies are glazed over with frosting. A lot of indie movies seem to stress unnecessarily long scenes with witty sarcasm. Jumping Off Bridges seemed to contain neither of those elements, because life isn’t the way it is in movies.The technical aspects of the movie are easy to handle. The costumes certainly looked real. When I saw the dad in his classroom, I giggled because everyone one of my math teachers dressed just the same. No one in the movie had hip, trendy clothes, and none of them looked alike. The neighborhood that everyone lived in was very much a normal neighborhood. Most movies seem to want to have everyone live in $200,000 homes where everyone has expensive cars and an endless supply of money. The students weren’t driving Hummers, Lexus’, or Range Rovers. The camera-work was pretty decent, coming from a photographer who pays extra attention to cropping, angles, lighting situa…


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