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Genres: Action , Horror , Sci-Fi
Actors: Edward Albert , Erin Moran , Ray Walston , Bernard Behrens , Zalman King , Robert Englund , Taaffe O’Connell , Sid Haig , Grace Zabriskie , Jack Blessing , Mary Ellen O’Neill
Director: Bruce D. Clark
Country: United States
Year: 1981
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (2509 votes)

As a lone spaceship proceeds on its long voyage across space, the crew are surprised to encounter a strange pyramid form. Surprise turns to horror as one by one, they discover that their darkest nightmares are all starting to become real. The pyramid has to be behind it all somehow, but how can they save themselves from its influence?

Film Review

Galaxy of Terror (1981) ** 1/2 (out of 4) Silly but mildly entertaining sci-fi flick about a group of people aboard a starship who travel to the planet Morganthus where they're on a rescue mission looking for survivors of a previous ship that sent out a distress call. Soon the people realize that they're dealing with something non-human as they begin to get picked off one by one. This ALIEN rip-off has an extremely large cult following and from what I've read it did pretty good at the box office when it was originally released. Seeing as this is from Roger Corman's New World Pictures you should expect a zero budget but what they lack in the budget they make up for in some neat special effects, gore, gratuitous nudity and a rather well-known cast. Thankfully the film runs a very brief 80-minutes, which is just short enough to where you won't get bored but I"m sure had they extended the running time any then the action would have certainly slowed down and e…

Rescue spaceship manned by bickering group of specially-trained astronauts, and captained by a megalomaniac female with a spotty past history, lands on desolate planet to help out a comrade ship, becomes unwitting victims of their own worst fears manifested. James Cameron worked as the co-production designer and second unit director of this low-budget science-fiction crud from Roger Corman and New World Pictures, one that half-resembles "Alien" but played at the wrong speed. A rather excellent cast (including Grace Zabriskie, Robert Englund, and Zalman King) is at the mercy of cut-rate special effects and ludicrous dialogue, although the sets and costumes are decent. Horror scenes emphasize torture…not to mention the sexual assault of a worm-hating blonde by way of a giant maggot. * from ****

A young James Cameron worked as a unit director for this film. I'm sure he must like to forget he was involved with it: 'Oh so you worked on that movie from the 80's where the chick got nailed by the giant worm?' 'Yeah… that was me.' "Galaxy of Terror" is a typical "Alien" wannabe following the same formula of that film and mimicking the suspense techniques employed by Ridley Scott back in 1979. Sid Haig (Rob Zombie fans will recognise him as Captain Spaulding from "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Reject's") and Freddy Krueger aka Robert Englund are notable amongst the typical low-grade cast.A crew is sent from Earth to an eerie, desolate planet to locate and rescue any survivors of an expedition which has since lost contact with everyone. They find no one alive, and it isn't long before they realise they are about to meet the same fate as the previous crew. They travel to a pyramid-like str…


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