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Genres: Horror , Mystery , Thriller
Actors: Leah Pipes , Kristin Cavallari , Josh Henderson , Andrew Lawrence , Lou Diamond Phillips , Sally Kirkland , Geoffrey Lewis , Ginger Gilmartin , Glen Jensen , Morgan Brown , Sydnee Harlan , Ashley Wyatt , Ben Hall , Dylan Cox , Gracie Veneklasen
Director: Harry Basil
Country: United States
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (1577 votes)

Haunted railroad tracks lead a troubled teenager to discover the horrifying truth hidden in a small Texas town.

Film Review

Young Leah Pipes is fresh out of drug rehab and now moved into a new town where her parents and sister Kristin Cavallari have previously moved. There's a country legend connected with this small Texas town where a bus load of school kids were run down when their school bus got stuck on a railroad track. Or what was the real story, the secret that the town isn't crazy to get out even though this happened 40 years earlier.Because she nearly died of a drug overdose Pipes had a near death experience and one of the dead kids keeps trying to communicate with her. Of course her clueless parents think Pipes is still drugging, her mother Sally Kirkland is incredibly unsympathetic. For no apparent reason that I can see.The real story is quite a twist, but the story is poorly written with roles making no sense and why everyone is believing that poor Pipes is the cause of a lot of more recent tragedy makes no sense at all. Lou Diamond Phillips as a teacher/guidance counselor and Geoffre…

Hey mindcat what's your problem? Get off your ass and make a movie. Fingerprints was very well written, and how can you say the acting was bad with the likes of Lou Diamond Phillips and Geoffrey Lewis, two very established actors who have combined put out great performances for years. For a film that was completed under a $1 million dollar budget, there's no surprise that it won Best Feature at the New York City Horror Film Festival, after you've seen it. Fingerprints is also set to air on Cinemax during the month of May. Cinemax isn't going to play the film you described mindcat. Hats off to the whole Fingerprints team! Keep on making interesting flicks for us all to enjoy!

This is one of those American films modeled after the Asian ghost girl genre where a young woman, with a troubled past, is guided by a spirit towards a startling truth buried under a myth for sometime.FINGERPRINTS concerns Melanie(Leah Pipes), a teenager returning to her parents after a stint of rehab on a mountain retreat and nearly dying of a drug overdose(..she also watched as her boyfriend lay dead on a gurney inside an ambulance). Melanie's mother, hard-hearted and fed-up, doesn't trust her and father obeys his wife's command. Pretty blond Crystal(Kristin Cavallari), Melanie's sister, stands beside her despite how the parents always question whether or not drug use has returned. When Melanie begins seeing a little girl, Julie, around rail-road tracks near a train station to be torn down, her life becomes progressively worse. Confiding in her counselor(Lou Diamond Philips), Melanie feels betrayed when he informs her mom of an incident where she saw writing in b…


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