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Genres: Horror , Sci-Fi
Actors: Howard Vernon , Brigitte Carva , Fernando Sancho , Paco Valladares , Isabel del Río , Evane Hanska , Arlette Balkis , May Chartrette , Christian Forges , Eugène Berthier
Director: Pierre Chevalier
Country: France, Spain
Year: 1971
IMDB Rating: 4.2/10 (154 votes)

An evil scientist creates a murderous, invisible ape-man.

Film Review

I bought this movie a while back from everyone’s favorite video team Wizard Video. The artwork was so gorgeous I just couldn’t pass it up, and hey it was only $5. I tell you this has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.From the back of Wizard video’s box—A young doctor visiting a rural village senses a fearful uneasiness among the inhabitants. He hears strange rumors of a castle high above the town where an insane scientist is conducting bizarre experiments. The curious doctor decides to investigate…In the castle, the scientist has created an Invisible Man, whom he holds captive for observation.The Invisible Man finally escapes his tormentor and flees, taking the scientist’s beautiful daughter as hostage.Death awaits the young doctor at every turn, and tension mounts as he must single-handedly rescue the lovely daughter from the grasp of the scientist’s avenging creature.Well, that pretty much sums up the plot to this "movie". The acting is wooden, t…

La Vie Amoureuse de L'Homme Invisible, or titles like Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster, Orloff Against the Invisible Man as it's known amongst English speaking audiences & even The Invisible Dead as it's known over here in the UK, starts late one night in a small European village where Dr. Garondet (Paco Valladares) receives a message to go to Dr. Orloff's (Howard Vernon) castle. Being the local doctor he feels obliged, after getting there he meets Dr. Orloff's daughter Cecile (Brigitte Carva) who says something strange is going on in the castle & she is scared, Garondet agrees to look into it & speaks with her father Dr. Orloff who admits he has created a invisible super human creature who he intends to create an entire race of to take over the world! But will Orloff's diabolical plans succeed?This French Spanish co-production was co-written & directed by Pierre Chevalier & is quite simply one of the most boring Euro horror flicks I'v…


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