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Genres: Drama , Mystery
Actors: Ben Mendelsohn , Maeve Dermody , Rachel Griffiths , Sophie Lowe , Josh McFarlane , Bryan Brown , Suzie Bavaci , Daniel Binks , Heloise Baker , Eve Burner , Briony Kent , Jarrah Cocks , Scott O’Donnell , Travis Taylor , Nicholas Kipridis
Director: Rachel Ward
Country: Australia
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (1751 votes)

A writer, Ned Kendall, is asked to return to the family home by his sister Sally, to say goodbye to his father who is dying. The family home is in a very remote and isolated area. While back home, Ned starts having memories of his beautiful twin sister and himself when they were children. These memories awaken long-buried secrets from the family’s past.

Film Review

After a long time away, Ned along with his new girlfriend goes to visit his sister and their ailing father. There, we discover all the things that haunt Ned to this day.For her first try as a full feature director, Rachel Ward didn't take the easy road. Beautiful Kate is a drama that tackles sensitive issues. Not only that, it was also Ward's first screenplay and a novel adaptation can be quite a challenge.The film has several elements going for it. The scenery is nice. The acting ranges from good to great. Several scenes are beautifully shot. Ward also doesn't hold anything back when it comes to capturing all this sexuality. You sense the lust that Ned feels but also that things are terribly wrong.Unfortunately, this is a character drama and I didn't feel Ward developed the characters adequately. We spend an awful lot of time at first exploring the relationship between the central character, Ned (Ben Mendelsohn), and his young girlfriend, Toni (Maeve Dermody). Der…

Set in the Australian outback, I found Beautiful Kate to be a moving experience and one of the best films about family relationships. The film is based on a book by Newton Thornburg. Unfortunately the book is out of print but hopefully the film's success will lead to it being reprinted. Kudos to Rachel Ward for bringing this to the screen and for transforming a book set in the USA seamlessly into an Australian setting. Ben Mendelsohn is superb in this challenging role. Frankly I cannot understand those who have criticised the characters and the plot as clichéd. This movie goes places others fear to tread. My spoiler alert is that the movie does contain material which some people will find disturbing or offensive. One person walked out during my session and I know that others have too. If you want to know exactly what I am referring to look up the name Alexandra Maryanski or Robin Fox on Amazon.

Beautiful Kate is a beautiful movie albeit a difficult, challenging movie but one that will remain with you long after leaving the theatre. Diane and I saw this film yesterday at SX Luna and as we waited to enter a lady exited and said she did not like anything in the film and we thought she had seen another film. Now I realise what she meant although I would vehemently disagree with her. Beautiful Kate takes place in a 30s house on a small farm with South Australia's Flinders Ranges as a backdrop: it is kind of dilapidated, very dry and probably hugely depressing to people coming from more salubrious surrounds. Bryan Brown who plays a pivotal role has been made-up perfectly to fit his part as the father of his family that must live out the mental re-enactment of long past deeds. I mention Brown because his appearance (a wonderful tribute to the makeup artist's skill) is, to me at least a metaphor for the lives of the children gathered at their families' farm. This film…


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