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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Andréa Ferréol , Brian Deacon , Eric Deacon , Frances Barber , Joss Ackland , Jim Davidson , Agnès Brulet , Guusje van Tilborgh , Gerard Thoolen , Ken Campbell , Wolf Kahler , Geoffrey Palmer , David Attenborough
Director: Peter Greenaway
Country: United Kingdom, Netherlands
Year: 1986
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (3562 votes)

Oliver Deuce, a successful doctor, is shattered when his wife is killed in a freak car accident involving the car being driven by Alba Bewick colliding with a very large rare bird. His twin brother Oswald is researching how carcasses decay at the local zoo. Alba survives the accident although she loses one leg, and her sinister physician eventually removes the other ‘because it looked so sad all alone’. Oswald and Oliver become involved in a menage a trois with Alba, and uncover very dubious trafficking in zoo property. But ultimately their only goal is to try and understand their mortal condition. Written by Dan Ellis Identical twins Oliver and Oswald Deuce lose their wives in a car crash caused by a white swan. The brothers, who are zoologists, become obsessed with the death and decay of animals. They both have a relationship with Alba, the driver of the crashed car, who loses first one leg then the other. When Alba dies, the twins film their own death. Written by

A Zed and Two Noughts follows the lives of Alba Bewick, and Oswald and Oliver Deuce. When an accident with a white swan leaves Alba without a leg and the Deuce’s wives dead the trio must cope with a scheming doctor and their own grief. It is the brothers’ grief that leads to their fixation with natural decay of animal flesh. As they progress in their grief process they seek more and more complex animals to watch fade away. The brothers’ obsessions leaves them in peril of losing their jobs and drives them closer to the person at the wheel when their wives perished, Alba. In the end, their insatiable apetite for decay leads them to the top of the food chain – Humans. But who must meet an end for the evolution of Oliver and Oswald’s grief?

Film Review

I saw this movie twice, in Poland in 1987, and I will never forget it. It is a visual and intellectual feast, like no other. Everybody can draw his/her own conclusions from this film. I was very disappointed when I found a VHS pan and scan copy of the film years later. It wasn’t even close to what I saw in the theater. Highly recommended anyway.

Here's another review to stuff at the back of the "Zed" log with the other pans. I loved "Drowning By Numbers" so was interested in this as a film previous to it. "Drowning" is basically absurdist, like "Zed", but it also has humour, warmth & humanity. This thing is an absurdist black hole. Seems there's a lot of symmetry in Greenaway's universe, and in some circles symmetry is considered a close adjunct of meaning, but here the opposite is true. Striking cinematography aside (the only thing that earned this film its 2 points), this is a waste of time. I found myself wondering why I was still sitting in the seat. It is ideologically driven: Greenaway has a philosophical world-view to get across and nothing stands in its way. The characters are ciphers in its service: we care absolutely nothing for them. The film is an expression of an intellectual death obsession. It is the fact that the driving force here is intellectual that ma…

How does one define oddness? I'd suggest by starting with two words: Peter Greenaway. You can also use those two words to define "Unique cinema visions," "total control," "beautiful views" and "don't mess with me." Greenaway is his own world, and you're either eager for a visit or you'll insist on staying off the space ship. I'd suggest you prepare for your visit by packing away any compulsion you might have to explain things…such as his meaning, his importance…all those categories, lists and twos of things…and your own squeamishness. "I don't make pictures that have a sell-by date," Greenaway once said. That's especially true of A Zed and Two Noughts, where a good many of the things we'll see have long passed their sell-by date. We start the movie with a double death in a car crash by a zoo…death by swan on a lane called Swan's Way. The wives of our two zoologists may be gone, but their husb…


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