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Genres: Romance , Drama
Actors: Martin Eric , Jack Richardson , Beulah Bondi , Constance Ford , Troy Donahue , Arthur Kennedy , Sandra Dee , Dorothy McGuire , Richard Egan
Director: Delmer Daves
Country: United States
Year: 1959
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (1473 votes)

Troy Donahue’s first starring role. A story of middle-aged adultery intertwined with teenage love and adult hypocrisy about it set on an island off the Maine coast.

Film Review

The things I've heard about this movie made me expect so much more than I got. I was expect a soap obviously, but a good one. Something along the lines of Written On The Wind or Peyton Place. Now that was pure drama as well as fabulous acting. I didn't get it with A Summer Place. The story somewhat plodded on and I fast-forwarded a couple times. The performances were OK. No one was a standout. Neither of the "teens" was believable as that age group. Sandra Dee looked more like a teen in Imitation of Life. I didn't find that any of the characters had any particular chemistry with each other. When there's a forbidden romance in a story, it usually helps if the audience feels like the characters would die w/o each other. With the two adults, they kept saying it, but I never believed it. As a personal thing, I always have a problem rooting for adulterers. The parents (the scandalous pair) seemed to come out of this rather unscathed. Meanwhile, the other set l…

A woman's movie of the very best calibre. The joy of Troy Donohue embracing Sandra Dee is enough to give this film 10 points. However, the scenery, the music and the whole drift-off into a world of fantasy make it pure Hollywood bliss – made the more telling by the real shock/fascination its story gave us at the time. The problem of underage sex, pregnancy and problematic parent/child relationships weren't invented in the 1980s, of course. I guess this is a good piece of easy watching social history, but most of all its just a joy to melt into. I put this movie up there with The Imitation Of Life, Breakfast At Tiffany's and Sunday In New York for a snap shot of how tearjerkers and comedies could capture the spirit of an age. Line these up with The Apartment, Victim, A Taste Of Honey and The Days Of Wine And Roses and you'll have the bittersweet early 1960s to a T. Throw in a few Doris Day and John Wayne movies and you'll know why your granny and grandad had so much…

This was an OK movie. The big draw was Troy Donahue in his first starring film role. A fine looking young Sandra Dee was also a big draw, although not as big as Donahue. I remember that I was a lad in high school when the film was released and all of the girls raved about the fantastic looking blonde wonder boy, Troy Donahue. Whenever one of the guys started acting a little too cool, he was brought quickly back to reality with the question, "Who do you think you are? Troy Donahue?" The Theme song of the movie was played by Percy Faith and his orchestra and was called simply "Theme from a Summer Place" and was on the pop charts for months. Guys loved the song as much as girls because it had a slow and lilting rhythm that even the most awkward oaf could dance to and the girls just loved to be held tightly when it was playing. The scenery was delightful as the film was shot at the seashore where there was lots of water, sand and lush greenery. The plot was fairly comp…


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