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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Mystery
Actors: Red Skelton , Ann Rutherford , Jean Rogers , Rags Ragland , Ray Collins , Henry O’Neill , William Frawley , Sam Levene , Arthur Space , Robert Emmett O’Connor , Steven Geray , Howard Freeman , Tom Dillon , The Brooklyn Dodgers
Director: S. Sylvan Simon
Country: United States
Year: 1943
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10 (247 votes)

Wally Benton, “The Fox,” master detective on radio, is about to go with his sweetheart to Niagara Falls in order to get married. Unknown to him, his valet has told a newspaper reporter that Benton is “Constant Reader,” someone who has sent information to newspapers about murdered people and where to find their bodies, thus making the police look bad. The police are sure that “Constant Reader” is the murderer himself, since no one else could know all of the details. And so they begin a chase after Benton, a chase which leads to old abandoned warehouses and old abandoned mansions. Wally is being chased not only by the police but also by the real “Constant Reader.” Can he save his girl, his assistant, and the reporter and solve the crime before either the villain or the police, who have been told to shoot on sight, kill them all?

Film Review

Of course there's a lot of slapstick, juvenile jokes, and near pushing the envelope humor, but more than occasional real zinger routines made me actually laugh out loud, (a real rarity). In all the decades,(too many to tell) I've watched movies, I'd never seen a stunt as good as the one in the elevator shaft. Trick 1943 photography or fantastic stunt doubles, whatever, that was real nail biting entertainment. Rags Ragland had great lines. This must have been his best role. Great to see Ebbetts Field again, especially Abe Stark's sign in right field (Hit sign, win suit). I'm a reanimated Red Skelton fan!Henceforth, I'm going to be on the lookout for any old Skelton movie.

An enjoyable trifle, this is a fast-paced comedy in which Red Skelton is a radio performer pursued by the police as the suspect in a series of murders. His chauffeur is Rags Ragland, and they're accompanied by Red's fiancée, Ann Rutherford, and an inquiring report, Jean Rogers.What it lacks in sophistication it makes up for in energy. Three scenes in particular stand out. In one, the four hang from the top of an empty elevator shaft — each by the other's heels — and swing back and forth to reach an empty door. It's fairly tense for a comedy and the producers must have used professional acrobats.In another, Skelton poses as the pitcher for a bearded baseball team who happen to be playing the Brooklyn Dodgers. In 1943, the Dodgers seemed ordained by the God of baseball never to win a series and were a national joke, referred to as "dem Bums." That was before they moved to Los Angeles and began wearing sandals, Hawaiian shirts, and shades on the playi…


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