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Genres: Thriller , Horror , Comedy
Actors: Leslie Bibb , Brian Cox , Anna Paquin , Samm Todd , Alberto Ghisi , Jean-Luc Bilodeau , Isabelle Deluce , Britt McKillip , Brett Kelly , Tahmoh Penikett , Moneca Delain , Lauren Lee Smith , Quinn Lord , Rochelle Aytes , Dylan Baker
Director: Michael Dougherty
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (38657 votes)

Five interwoven stories that occur on the same block, on the same night. A couple finds what happens when they blow a jack o’ lantern out before midnight, a high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer, a college virgin might have met the right guy for her, a group of mean teens play a prank that they take too far, and a hermit is visited by a special trick or treater. Written by Harrypotterfan639 In the Halloween night in Warren Valley, Ohio, Emma blows out a Jack-o-Lantern in front of her home despite the remark of her husband Henry; sooner she has a tragic surprise. Earlier, the virgin Laurie buys a Little Red Riding Hood costume with her sister and two girlfriends and they invite some guys for a party. Meanwhile, the glutton Charlie destroys many Jack-o-Lanterns on the street. When he arrives at the house of the high-school principal Steven, the boy discovers how much the disturbed man respects the dead and the traditions of Halloween. Meanwhile four teenagers invite the outcast Rhonda to join them in their journey to an abandoned rock quarry where a tragic accident with the school bus with eight troubled children happened thirty years ago. They play a prank with Rhonda but when the mean Marcy blows out the last Jack-o-Lantern in the spot, they need the support of Rhonda to escape from the damned place. Laurie sees a stalker that follows her; while walking through the woods to the party, she is attacked and she finally has her initiation. Earlier, the lonely Mr. Kreeg lives alone with his dog Spite and is visited by a scary trick-or-treating creature. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil It is said that Halloween is the night when the dead rise to walk among us and other unspeakable things roam free. The rituals of All Hallows Eve were devised to protect us from their evil mischief, and one small town is about to be taught a terrifying lesson that some traditions are best not forgotten. Nothing is what it seems when a suburban couple learns the dangers of blowing out a Jack-o-Lantern before midnight; four women cross paths with a costumed stalker at a local festival; a group of pranksters goes too far and discovers the horrifying truth buried in a local legend; and a cantankerous old hermit is visited by a strange trick-or-treater with a few bones to pick. Costumes and candy, ghouls and goblins, monsters and mayhem… the tricks and treats of Halloween turn deadly as strange creatures of every variety-human and otherwise-try to survive the scariest night of the year.

Film Review

Woe to those that don't keep the spirit of Halloween close to their hearts. That's the lesson learned in this horror omnibus from director Michael Dougherty, who'd written such things as "X2", "Urban Legends: Bloody Mary", and "Superman Returns". He weaves together separate stories that take place on Halloween night, and for Mr. Dougherty and company, it's all about having fun. It's not necessarily about being "scary", but delighting in all of the trappings of this time of year. Aided and abetted by a great cast and crew, he's crafted something here that deserves to take its place among other cinematic standards of the season, especially when it comes to his potentially iconic, cute / creepy character, Sam. He doesn't keep this going on any longer than it really should (note the short running time of 83 minutes), and packs his 2.35:1 picture with as many visual delights as possible. One of the best elements to …

Here is a case where the trailer is better than the actual film, sad to say. I was one of the many people eagerly anticipating what was being hailed as a new "halloween classic" in glowing reviews before an official release. Since March 2007 I was stoked seeing the trailer and could not wait to see what looked like a dark, atmospheric horror film centered exclusively around halloween. I even wrote letters to WB execs asking they release this film onto DVD since when I heard it was not getting a theatrical release.Well, after finally seeing it in fall 2009, I was beyond disappointment. This film was not funny, clever, or scary in the least. It amazes me reading some comments and reviews of how "clever" some people thought the twists were. Even viewing the film in a different light, as a 'celebration' of halloween instead of a horror film falls flat. None of the characters are likable and the humor is tasteless. In fact, I would say the film is mean-spirite…

If anyone out here is familiar with IMDb a 6.8 for a horror movie is quite high. which means this should be one of the best ones…and its definitely not. This movie was quite a bit of fun don't get me wrong but thats all it is. A stupid B movie to laugh that is all. Its not scary at all the acting is sub par and the make up effects are garbage.This movie follows 4 different groups of people and their experiences on halloween. The four don't know each other but little do they know all their halloween experiences are interconnected.This movie is not all bad. Like I said its a fun movie just to laugh at. Or maybe a softer horror movie to put on for the young kids at halloween. But as a die hard horror fan for all my life I can honestly say this movie does not stack up as a true horror great.


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