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Download The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior Full Movie | Watch Free The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior

Genres: Fantasy , Action , Adventure
Actors: Simon Quarterman , Karen David , Michael Copon , Mike Thompson , Vaneshran Arumugam , Az Abrahams , Warrick Grier , Pierre Marais , Chase Agulhas , Shane Manie , Jeremy Crutchley , Natalie Becker , Randy Couture , Andreas Wisniewski , Tom Wu
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Country: Germany, South Africa, United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 (5520 votes)

In Ancient Akkad, Mathayus grows up as the proud son of Ashur, a captain in the world-renowned military corps of Black Scorpions, first-rate bodyguards, most of which are send to courts wide away. Precisely by objecting to young Mathuyas joining the corps, Ashur incurs the undying enmity of ruthless generalissimo Sargon, gets killed and the orphaned knave is shipped off to a desolate training camp for three years by king Hammurabi’s clemency. When he returns as qualified guard, Sargon has bloodily seized the throne and demands cruel proof of blind loyalty. Mathuyas refuses, becoming a chased hero. With youth friends, the resourceful Greek Pollux and various mercenary warriors, he embarks on a daring quest to obtain a legendary sword from Sargon’s magical ally, the war-goddess Astarte.

Film Review

When I heard about a sequel to The Scorpion King, I wanted to see it. I bought this with Prom Night and The Wizard of Gore remake. I thought it was just alright, but something confused the crap out of me! Mathayus's brother died in the first one, but this one takes place before the original, and his brother dies in this one. Unless he had two brothers, that did not make sense. Other than that, the storyline was okay. Mathayus wants to avenge his father's death, so he trains for six years. When he comes back, the man who killed hid dad became king. Later, Mathayus and his girlfriend Layla end up in the Underworld. There are some funny moments, but it's still not as good as the original Scorpion King! I probably wouldn't recommend THE SCORPION KING 2: RISE OF A WARRIOR!!!

Is Randy Couture the worst actor to hit the silver screen? Well, maybe not the worst. Then again. Of course, it doesn't help that this is the single most uninspired movie I've seen in a long time. The script is horrible. The plot is predictable. Maybe Randy would do better in a different movie, under a different director, with a different script, but its hard to imagine. His lines are delivered in the most boring monotone conceivable. There is no acting. He just stands, looking big and tough and says his lines like a robot. It's almost like he was reading them directly off the script for the first time. He makes the other lousy actors seem like geniuses. Terrible movie. Terrible acting.


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