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Genres: Drama , Romance
Actors: Greta Garbo , Conrad Nagel , Gustav von Seyffertitz , Albert Pollet , Edward Connelly , Richard Alexander
Director: Fred Niblo
Country: United States
Year: 1928
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (527 votes)

Austrian Captain Karl von Raden attends the opera one evening, and meets Tania. After the performance, he takes her home, and the two of them spend the next day on a romantic outing. That evening, Karl must deliver some important plans to Berlin. Just before boarding his train, he learns that Tania is really a Russian spy. She comes to see him aboard the train, and admits that she set things up on purpose so as to meet him, but she also insists that she truly has fallen in love with him. When Karl rebuffs her coldly, she steals the plans, which leads to him being court-martialed and imprisoned. Karl’s influential uncle is able to provide him with one last chance to clear his name.

Film Review

This is a blueprint for the screenplay to Garbo’s later talkie, MATA HARI. Here she plays a spy who seduces officer Nagel. She manages to fall in love with him but he rejects her, once he knows she is a spy. She goes ahead with her plans to steal documents from him. He is stripped of his officer’s rank. Later, she kills her superior in order to save his life and flee with him.Both Garbo and Nagel are effective, but in no way extraordinary. The film is well made without being memorable overall. Scenes of interest are: Garbo’s first shot as camera pulls back from Nagel’s face, revealing her engrossed in the opera and a side shot of her face which follows; lighting as she lights a candleabra; cinematography and editing in Nagel’s degradation scene; composition of a shot of Nagel at the piano with mirrored reflections; Garbo at the fireplace; and a tracking shot with Garbo as she greets guests on her way to a rendezvous.The MGM/UA VHS release of 1990 includes an original orchestral s…

This is my favorite Garbo film besides Camille. It and Camille are my favorite movie besides Camille with Rudolph Valentino and All Nazimova. I have heard this movie called a "soaper". I just love it. And I love how it has a happy ending. While I admit that’s not a believeable one, I AM HAPPY it’s not a believeable one. For one thing, that’s Hollywood for you. Plenty of things in films made in Hollywood aren’t believeable. Always has been that way. Always will be. I don’t think people should take movies too seriously. Not that I won’t think a movie is unbelieveable like Romeo and Juliet and not like it. And plus, it’s good it got a happy ending because I for one wanted it to. It is coming on again on TCM on September 15th. Camille was supposed to be coming on the 5th of September, but I guess not. Dammit. And to think that Camille is one of my favorite movies. At least I’ll get to see The Mysterious Lady. I was also going to say that I thought that Conrad Nagle was the best…


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