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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Leon Kaplov , Denise Jones , Balinder Johal , Cristiano Infanti , Fred Henderson , Robert Heimbecker , Curtis Harling , Sarah Groundwater , Zeus Ghadban , Rae-Ann Dillman , Kristine Cofsky , Kristian Ayre , Dena Ashbaugh , Jennifer-Juniper Angeli , Lindsay Marett
Director: Ryan Mains
Country: Canada
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 3.8/10 (24 votes)

Of Golf and God is feature-length comedy about Daniel, a pizza delivery guy by trade, who, after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, accidentally summons God to his side to help him cope with the ordeal. But this is no ordinary God; he’s a foul-mouthed, over-sexed “buddy God” that Daniel can relate to; and play golf with. But despite God’s help, Daniel continues to sleepwalk through life until a chance encounter with Beth, a cultured, carefree soul and old grade school classmate, has Daniel beginning to believe that there is much more to life than ex-girlfriends. But when a secret from Beth’s recent past surfaces, Daniel must choose between what feels familiar or what feels right.

Film Review

I caught a showing of Of God and Golf at the Eugene International Film Festival, and it was far and away the best picture in the festival. Ryan Mains holds down his director's chair effectively. There is nothing technically spectacular on display here, but he shows good instincts with his actors, and I predict that he could really tear things up in television comedy. More importantly, his screenplay is bulletproof.The real centerpiece of the film is the performance by Michael Teigen as God, played (almost) throughout for shock, raunchiness and belly-laughs. One highlight sequence flashes back to God's quest for inspiration while designing the female genitalia. Draped in an unbuttoned white linen shirt, God stands, eyes fixed out into the ocean for a vision, dripping with all of the melodrama of a Telemundo soap opera, while he rattles off slang terms for feminine anatomy over the narration. This is a powerhouse comedic performance. Morgan Freeman and the late George Burns shou…

I was fortunate enough to see Of Golf and God tonight at the Eugene International Film Festival. I enjoyed this film from start to end. It is insightful, joyful, funny, and irreverent…undoubtedly one of the most perfectly cast, scripted, and directed films I have ever seen. All of the actors are a joy to watch, especially the two male leads. They play off of each other in the grand tradition of Bud Abbot and Lou Costello, or Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz. Of Golf and God is a laugh a minute, but is not without substance, as it has much that just about anyone who has ever been in any kind of romantic relationship can identify with. The director and some of his crew were at the screening, and I was impressed by how humble and grounded they are! This is a do-not-miss movie, and I am looking forward to future projects from this team of filmmakers.


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