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Genres: Comedy , Crime , Horror
Actors: Divine , David Lochary , Mary Vivian Pearce , Mink Stole , Cookie Mueller , Edith Massey , Susan Lowe , Rick Morrow , Howard Gruber , Paul Swift , Vincent Peranio , Jim Thompson , Dee Vitolo , Ed Peranio , Bob Skidmore
Director: John Waters
Country: United States
Year: 1970
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (710 votes)

The travelling sideshow ‘Lady Divine’s Cavalcade of Perversions’ is actually a front for a group of psychotic kidnappers, with Lady Divine herself the most vicious and depraved of all – but her life changes after she gets raped by a fifteen-foot lobster…

Film Review

Multiple Maniacs, is shot in black and white and is about a woman named Lady Divine, who runs a freak show in the woods called "Lady Divine’s Cavalcade Of Perversions". They let rich people come in and see the show for free and then Divine, and her friends rob and kill them. Divine’s boyfriend is is Mr. David, who is the announcer for the show and he is currently in love with another woman named Bonnie, and sneaks out to see her one afternoon. Edith, from the local diner spots this and reports it to Divine, who goes out looking for them. On the way over Divine, experiences a very weird afternoon and soon goes looking to kill Mr. David, and Bonnie. But little do they know that Mr. David, and Bonnie also have plans for them. Multiple Maniacs, is written and directed by John Waters, who is one of my favourite writer/director’s and I have always loved what he has done. His films have great dialog, unusual characters, over the top acting and are so unique and off the wall it is a…

The best reason to watch this early John Waters film is because it is the debut of one of the funniest and strangest actresses in history, the snaggle-toothed Edith Massey. While she is in a relatively normal role (and nothing like the Egg Lady in PINK FLAMINGOS), it's great to see her continually messing up her lines even worse than usual.As far as the rest of the film goes, it's a heck of a lot better made than Waters' previous full-length, the almost unwatchable MONDO TRASHO. Now I am NOT saying that MULTIPLE MANIACS is normal–no, it's very sick and perverse. But, it has a real sense of story and narrative even given its low budget. In many ways, despite being in black and white, it's a lot like later films like POLYESTER, FEMALE TROUBLE or DESPERATE LIVING. TRASHO, in contrast desperately needed editing and just looked like a home movie made by schizophrenics and lacked humor!! The film begins with David Lochary announcing a free "Cavalcade of Perver…

"Multiple Maniacs" is my first John Waters' underground film and I wasn't sure what to expect. I have read extensively about these films' gleeful willingness to offend, the dirt cheap quality of his productions, the way his movies used real locations and comprised the screen with performers with limited acting skill. The reputation was to me quite intact as "Multiple Maniacs" follows the descriptions I had read about to a tee. Waters doesn't strive to shoot his movie extravagantly and he must have directed his movies with little rehearsal or preparation as his actors/actresses stumble/fumble over their lines(and look to, I'm guessing, cue cards of dialogue they might forget off screen)quite a bit. But, Waters' films seem to thrive on the ugly quality of all I have mentioned above, in particular, the subject matter and unpolished narrative(what little there is).The movie focuses on Lady Divine, her boyfriend Mr. David, and other deviant…


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