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Genres: Comedy , Romance
Actors: David Duchovny , Nicky Katt , Catherine Keener , Mary McCormack , David Hyde Pierce , Julia Roberts , Blair Underwood , Enrico Colantoni , Erika Alexander , Tracy Vilar , Brandon Keener , Jeff Garlin , David Alan Basche , Terence Stamp , Nancy Lenehan
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Country: United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 4.7/10 (7457 votes)

Arty film-within-a-film revolves around seven people with little in common whose lives collide.

Film Review

Steven Soderberg has created a very funny and thoughtful piece of work here. The plot involves six main characters. They are all connected by a film producer whose birthday party they are all invited to. This film is a must see for anyone interested in working within the film industry, or anyone interested in the general nature of film as a medium. Do not see this film if you are only watching it because of the stars that are in it. Not to say that their performances aren’t very good, but they are in general a departure from the norm for most of these actors. I haven’t as yet seen anything by Soderberg that I dislike, and this film, like many of his others will I am sure become a cult classic.

I am sorry to say but this movie is complete crap. It seems to me that the director has gotten so stuck up on the fact that he received two best director nominations during the same Oscar-night and everything that followed afterward that he just got tired and revealed his true face – meaning – no talent whatsoever. this piece of a movie is sad. i am surprised to see that this kind of clicheé-filled school-play amateur movie was ever financed to get made. directors with such a record should never ever get tired to rest on their cinematographic tricks – they should indeed evolve. and if u’ve seen this movie, u’ve seen ocean’s twelve. in a way. sad.1/10

Don’t watch this movie for Brad Pitt, he’s only in there for a minute.There really isn’t a plot and the character roles change. This film is more about looking at the way a movie is made and having fun while doing it.It’s too bad it’s not really fun for the rest of us. This movie will ruin your Friday if you bring it home from Blockbuster!!!Here’s a wise suggestion: if you want to see any of these actors at their best, watch what they’re famous for. You’ll be better off watching reruns of Fraiser, Fightclub, X-files, etc.Did you know comments require 10 lines of text? Neither did I. That’s why this line is here. And those lines up there, hold real information.


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