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Genres: Musical , Romance
Actors: Judy Garland , George Murphy , Gene Kelly , Mártha Eggerth , Ben Blue , Stephen McNally
Director: Busby Berkeley
Country: United States
Year: 1942
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (1519 votes)

Set during WW I, Palmer and Hayden team up as vaudeville artists. Harry Palmer deliberately injures his hand to avoid being drafted to the army. Later, he makes up for this. WW I patriotism for a WW II audience, very sentimental, great musical episodes and songs.

Film Review

what a thrilling movie from beginning to end. Even though this was meant to be more of a musical movie, i felt it more of a romantic drama adventure between two great actors. some of my favorite parts of course had to be the main characters dancing in the coffee shop and the dancing clown at the beginning of one of the first show. of course the storyline couldn't of been written better throwing a big twist towards the end of the movie. It gets very moving and makes you wonder if they are going to get back together or not. But you could def. tell there was still unfinished love between the two main characters. "Springtime" is probably a favorite line of mine that stood out.

Harry Palmer is incredibly ambitious, and will do whatever it takes to get to the top of the vaudeville stage. Upon meeting the talented Jo Hayden, he succeeds in getting her to form a double act, but as Jo starts to get attached to Harry, he shows just how much he wants to get to the top, regardless of anyone else's feelings.Tidy and delightful enough tale harking to the pre-WWI days of vaudevillian splendour. Starring Gene Kelly {Harry} in his first motion picture and Judy Garland {Jo} on effervescent form, it's a shame that this Busby Berkeley directed piece isn't the classic that it's stars and production numbers warrants. For Me And My Gal looks and feels like an excuse for MGM to show off, and as great as it is to see Garland and Kelly together {and it's rather joyous actually}, some numbers, particularly Garland's solo's fall a little flat. Yes the title number and the likes of Ballin The Jack are first rate efforts {Bobby Connolly dance direc…

The only aspect of FOR ME AND MY GAL that displeased me was the fact that GEORGE MURPHY (who was originally set to star opposite Judy in the Gene Kelly role) didn't have enough to do–and certainly his dancing talent is not seen to advantage here. MGM could have built up his role a little more.But other than that, everything else about the film is right on track. JUDY GARLAND and GENE KELLY (in his first film) make a wonderful team, each complementing the other in a way that never makes it appear either one is trying to upstage the other performer. But let's face it–any time Garland is involved in a song or dance it's just plain hard to watch anyone else.Released during the start of World War II, it's a look back at the nostalgic songs of World War I, and the most delightful scene occurs pretty early in the film–the coffee shop number to "For Me and My Gal", simple in execution (without a trace of Busby Berkeley's usual fancy stuff), but all the more ch…


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