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Genres: Horror
Actors: Eric Peter-Kaiser , Tim Colceri , Sandra Ramírez , Noel Gugliemi , Guillermo Díaz , James Duval , Nathan Bexton , Billy Morrison , Peter Stickles , Ben Tolpin , Ricky Warwick , Jeannie Epper , Jonathan Breck , Katie Cazorla , David Groh
Director: Chris Conlee
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 4.0/10 (453 votes)

An alien bacterium resurrects the dead on Earth.

Film Review

Because we don't get nearly enough of those, right? If anything, this movie is quite disjointed. For instance, there is the character of the apartment building manager, who is this effete intellectual philosopher who seems to have no place running a seedy, inner city hotel. I say this, because it is obvious this trash was produced by Europeans, and this is probably how they see America.The long and short is that the Army has acquired an alien virus, and tested it on people, turning hundreds into Zombies in Iraq before a smart bomb blew them all up. Then a Captain in the research project returns to the states and starts all over again, because, hey, it worked out so well the first time. He injects the virus into a gangbanger, and a junkie self-medicates with the rest, until the entire building is overrun with zombies.I think there is supposed to be something about the aliens wanting to communicate… Not sure, I think it was lost in all the gore.

I mean, it's OK, I guess. Lots of blood, some acceptable FX, a couple plot twists, and some explosions, but no real "zing" to it. You never get involved enough to care that characters are doing something stupid or dangerous. You don't really care when they die gruesomely. (OK, OK…it's not usually THAT gruesome. The FX are about 50% of what they should be.) This ought to be a roller-coaster ride and it's actually a carousel. The tension ought to build and then release, only to build again. It doesn't.Now, as far as the whole alien sub-plot. That was just someone thinking that the script wasn't cerebral enough. They were nervous and decided to add a "twist." Bad mistake. It definitely weakened the whole film. (And why do I get the feeling that the writer had just watched "Die Hard"? He/she was probably thinking, "Cool! They weren't terrorists after all. They were just thieves. Hey! I know! In my movie, it won't…

Evilution starts as ex military researcher & soldier Darren Hall (producer Eric Peter-Kaiser) rents a room in an apartment block after coming home from a tour in Iraq where he witnessed some horrendous things & has brought a little something back with him to, an alien substance that turns people into mindless zombies (the target audience of this film then?). While doing his own research to try & understand whatever he wants to understand one of his neighbours Random (Noel Gugliemi) is shot in a gang incident so Darren uses the bright orange serum to revive Random but he, like the other's, turns into a ravenous flesh-eating zombie that spreads the zombie virus to whoever he bites. It's up to Darren & army guy Sgt. Gabriel Collins (Tim Colceri) to destroy the infected people in order to contain the virus & stop the zombie plague from reaching the outside world where the whole human race would be at risk…Directed by Chris Conlee this is yet another du…


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