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Genres: Biography , Drama , Sport
Actors: James Rebhorn , Cameron Finley , Carrie Snodgress , Dustin Mayfield , Clyde Frost , Elsie Frost , Luke Perry , Stephen Baldwin , Red Mitchell , Gabriel Folse , Joe Stevens , Clint Burkey , Cynthia Geary , Ronnie Claire Edwards , John Swasey
Director: John G. Avildsen
Country: United States
Year: 1994
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (2792 votes)

This film chronicles the life of Lane Frost, 1987 PRCA Bull Riding World Champion, his marriage and his friendships with Tuff Hedeman (three-time World Champion) and Cody Lambert.

Film Review

This movie is a great tribute to Lane Frost.This brings out the best in any movie viewer and it makes us take a look at what's important.Get this movie today, but don't forget the box of tissues.The acting, music, and directing of this movie adds to the overall effect.Luke Perry is at his best in this movie.I especially like the montage at the end of the movie-it brings out feelings and realizations that anything can happen at any time.I bought this movie to watch over and over again.

Anyone who spent time with Lane or guffawed at Tuff’s assessment of lesser riders, ("Ol’ so-n-so wants to be a bull rider, problem is, he’s skairt o’ bulls!") will have a hard time finding the real boys in this film. Instead they will cringe at badly done accents and wonder where the boy’s likability went. No loved one is spared, and the writers seemed to go out of their way to transform Lane’s Justins from leather to clay. Why does the media tear down our heroes?Luke Perry’s affected accent borders on parody and Cynthia Geary, (formerly "Shelly" on "Northern Exposure"), is downright unappealing as Lane’s wife, Kellie. All too often TV actors lack a certain texture to make it on the big screen, and the casting here proves it. I suspect the powers that be were trying to cash in on the popularity of Perry’s and Geary’s television shows. The late Red Mitchell, a genuine Texan, and film actor, was excellent as the poetry spouting "Cody Lambert". …

8 Seconds is a must see. Lane Frost was a legend who was lost too quickly. The movie is great because it doesn’t just show everything good about him, it shows the bad too. Stephen Baldwin did an excellent job as Lane’s best friend and biggest competitor, Tuff. I can watch this movie over and over and cry every time.


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