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Genres: Comedy , Romance
Actors: Ginger Rogers , James Stewart , James Ellison , Beulah Bondi , Charles Coburn , Frances Mercer , Phyllis Kennedy , Franklin Pangborn , Grady Sutton , Jack Carson , Alec Craig , Willie Best
Director: George Stevens
Country: United States
Year: 1938
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 (1463 votes)

On a quick trip to the city, young university professor Peter Morgan falls in love with nightclub performer Francey Brent and marries her after a whirlwind romance. But when he goes back home, he can’t bring himself to tell his conservative, ultra-respected family about it.

Film Review

This is a fun,enjoyable comedy starring two screen legends in their early prime.Ginger Rogers and James Stewart are fine in the leads,but are given a run for the money in the acting department by Charles Coburn and Beulah Bondi.As Stewart's parents they almost steal the show. James Ellison,who I've only seen in De Mille's "The Plainsman" (1936), is serviceable as the second-lead who loses the girl.There's one big highlight in this movie that stands out: The cat fight with Rogers and sparring partner Frances Mercer. It's a hilarious moment.George Stevens keeps the movie bright and funny. If you ever catch this little gem you won't be disappointed.

This is a movie full of Love, Comedy, and Romance all in one excellent movie. We can’t get enough of it! All actors did an excellent job in this one. This is one movie we will never get tired of. It is always so refreshing to find a movie like this. If you are feeling down and out this will be a excellent pick-me up.I never really knew about Beulah Bondi who plays James Stewart’s mom, she is great in this movie. In fact she played his mother in a few other movies. I just realized she was in Tammy and the Doctor (1963) as Annie Call and she was very good in that too.If you like this movie with Ginger Rogers, you will also like "The Major and the Minor".Another actor I never really knew about is James Ellison, who plays James Stewart’s cousin. I really loved him in this movie and would love to see more of his movies. A real handsome man and love to hear his voice.

This is a real favorite of mine. We get to see a young and un-Astaire'd Ginger Rogers film. She doesn't get all the credit though. A stellar cast with jimmy Stewart and Charles Coburn round it out.An Associate Professor goes to NY to find and bring his cousin back home. He finds him in a Dance Club and he refuses to come until the lead girl dancer/singer marries him. He decides to hide from his cousin but it doesn't work out. The Singer immediately has a connection with his cousin and they get married the same day. Now, they both have to go home and tell his overbearing Professor of the University father that they are married. It won't be an easy task.I've never been a big dance/musical fan so it was a real treat to see this early Ginger Rogers comedy. It was one of the first I saw of hers and it still remains one of my favorites. She's very sweet and appealing when she meets Jimmy Stewart but when they get back to his small home town, she has to deal wit…


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