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Genres: Action , Drama , War
Actors: John Wayne , Lana Turner , David Farrar , Lyle Bettger , Tab Hunter , James Arness , Richard Davalos , John Qualen , Paul Fix , Lowell Gilmore , Luis Van Rooten , Alan Hale Jr. , Wilton Graff , Peter Whitney , Claude Akins
Director: John Farrow
Country: United States
Year: 1955
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 (1301 votes)

As the Second World War breaks out, German freighter captain Karl Ehrlich is about to leave Sydney, Australia with his vessel, the Ergenstrasse. Ehrlich, an anti-Nazi but proud German, hopes to outrun or out-maneuver the British warship pursuing him. Aboard his vessel is Elsa Keller, a woman Ehrlich has been ordered to return to Germany safely along with whatever secrets she carries. When Ehrlich’s fiercely Nazi chief officer Kirchner commits an atrocity, the British pursuit becomes deadly.

Film Review

It is refreshing to see a movie where the "other" side is treated as human. The story is based on fact. I am not surethat the real Capt. Ehrlich was anti-nazi, but he was a WWI kriegsmarine hero. Anyway Waynes accent not withstanding the movie is entertaining and well worth seeing.

This film has a good premise, but feels and looks like mid-50’s Hollywood bloat. The North Sea storm and naval battle scenes are cheesy. Duke does not a believable German make. Lana looks like she just stepped out of a bar with Johnny Stompanato. Surprisingly bad dialogue considering Bellah also worked on many of the best Ford/Wayne productions. Avoid, unless you must see all John Wayne WWII movies.

John Wayne plays the role of a German merchant sea-captain, determined to get himself, his crew and his little freighter back to the fatherland. Playing the technical enemy was a rare outing for steadfast patriot Wayne, but he brings all of the staunch masculine values to bear that have typified just about every character he has ever played. His little ship might just as easily be a floating Alamo with a German flag.He slips his moorings at night in the fog in order to escape internment. On board is a German kiss-n-tell agent played by busty Lana Turner. She, in turn, is the formerly betrothed mistress to a British navel captain, played by David Farrer. Farrer also provides the intermittent narrative voice-over.There's plenty of familiar faces in the crew. Not least is Lyle Bettger, who should have done what Wayne did and invent himself a more memorable name. He plays his ruthless and vicious first officer. He also provides a little competition for the charms of Ms Turner. Ever-r…


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