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Genres: Biography , Drama , History
Actors: Millie Perkins , Joseph Schildkraut , Shelley Winters , Richard Beymer , Gusti Huber , Lou Jacobi , Diane Baker , Douglas Spencer , Dodie Heath , Ed Wynn
Director: George Stevens
Country: United States
Year: 1959
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 (6491 votes)

Based on Anne Frank’s diary, and the stage play that was adapted from it: In Nazi-occupied Holland, Otto Frank and his family have decided to go into hiding, because of the increasing persecutions against Jews. The businessman Kraler and his assistant Miep prepare a hiding place in the rooms above their place of business, and arrange for the Franks and another family, the Van Daans, to stay there. Later on, they are joined by the dentist Dussel. Together, they try to avoid detection while hoping for Holland to be liberated by the Allies, but even meeting basic needs can become a challenge, and even minor incidents could present a grave risk. Written by Snow Leopard From 1942 to 1944, in a Nazi occupied Amsterdam, the thirteen years old German Jewish girl Anne Frank (Millie Perkins) lives hiding in an attic of a condiment factory with her sister, her parents, three members of another family and an old dentist. Along more than two years, she wrote in her diary, her feelings, her fears and relationship with the other dwellers.

Film Review

This movie was a shockingly inaccurate re-telling of Anne Frank's life in hiding. Obviously, there wasn't a lot of effort put into it. Names were mispronounced, (Mar-go became Mar-git, Anna became Ann, etc. etc)scenes were fabricated especially for the film (The Hannukah celebration) and almost no one resembled (In any way shape or form) the characters they were set to portray. Millie Perkins plays Anne out to be a saint, and although she was an amazing person, she, like all of us, had her short comings. By not including this, the character became onedimesnional, and unrelatable, which certainly isn't Anne in the least bit.This movie is good in it's own right, but is definitely not the way to go for someone seeking to know the real Anne Frank. 6/10.

Telling the story of the German-Jewish girl whose diary brought memories of the Third Reich into people's homes worldwide, "The Diary of Anne Frank" haunts you like few other movies. As the titular character, Millie Perkins creates someone who – despite her horrific experiences – remains convinced that human nature is good. Probably the two most harrowing scenes in the movie are when everyone listens to Hitler on the radio, and when Anne faints while someone walks up the stairs.All in all, this is a great movie. Equally as good as Perkins are Joseph Schildkraut as Anne's father Otto, who will stop at nothing to protect his family; Shelley Winters (who won Best Supporting Actress) as Petronella Van Daan, the matriarch of the family hiding with them; and Richard Beymer – who played Tony in "West Side Story" – as Peter Van Daan, with whom Anne develops a relationship. Also starring are Gusti Huber, Lou Jacobi, Diane Baker, Douglas Spencer, Dodie Heath and Ed W…

George Stevens was a great director, one of the best and who could argue with his body of work: I Remember Mama, Shane, The More The Merrier, Giant, and working with great stars such as Jean Arthur, Cary Grant, Irene Dunne, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, Monty Clift, Katharine Hepburn, James Dean, Barbara Stanwyck, et al, the point I am making is that George Stevens cast his movies accurately, very well. The cast here is good and especially liked Richard Beymer, but the problem with Diary of Anne Frank is the star role: Millie Perkins who got the big push at 20th in the 50's is given the title role of Anne Frank. Try as Ms. Perkins does, there is not a connection with the character. Who could have played Anne? Audrey Hepburn was the logical choice but Audrey Hepburn may have felt the role too close for comfort having lived thru the Nazi terror herself in Holland. This film shot on a stage at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles is admirable and loving attention to detail but the centr…


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