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Genres: War , Drama , Action
Actors: Kenji Kodama , Toshiya Ito , Norio Matsui , Kazuo Katô , Masayuki Yui , Pîtâ , Hisashi Igawa , Yoshiko Miyazaki , Mieko Harada , Daisuke Ryû , Jinpachi Nezu , Akira Terao , Tatsuya Nakadai , Takashi Watanabe , Mansai Nomura
Director: Akira Kurosawa
Country: France, Japan
Year: 1985
IMDB Rating: 8.3/10 (49723 votes)

A story of greed, a lust for power, and ultimate revenge. The Great Lord Hidetora Ichimonji has decided to step aside to make room for the younger blood of his three sons, Taro, Jiro, and Saburo, the Lord’s only wish now being to live out his years as an honored guest in the castle of each of his sons in turn. While the older two sons flatter their father, the youngest son attempts to warn him of the folly of expecting the three sons to remain united; enraged at the younger son’s attempt to point out the danger, the father banishes him. True to the younger son’s warning, however, the oldest Son soon conspires with the second son to strip The Great Lord of everything, even his title.

Film Review

With a passion. You know why? It broke my heart. Broke it into a million pieces, over and over and over again.I haven't read King Lear, so I cannot comment on whether this is related to the play or not. It is, however, a tragedy of monumentally saddening proportions.The movie details the turns Hidetora's life takes, after he cedes the throne to his sons and watches them turn his world into ash. The movie details the man's fall, starting out slowly and gathering momentum as it goes along. This movie does not seek to make anyone happy, not its viewers, and certainly not its characters. They are led through war, betrayal, suicide and immense amounts of pain. And they come out broken and tortured.Hidetora is tormented by all the wars he has instigated and all the suffering he has caused. Those who he has burnt in his pursuit of power all bear their scars openly, some through hate and others through sorrow. His sons are constantly plotting against him and each other, driven …

I have seem, at this point of time:1 – Rashomon 2 – Seven Samurai 3 – Yiojimbo 4 – Kagemusha 5 – RanThe earlier Kurosawa films were very interesting, however, they lacked a certain "budget thingie". With material limitations I think Kurosawa was unable to fully realize his vision while here we have all cylinders firing as this was the most expensive film in Japanese history up to that point (converted to current dollars, it cost 30 million, a huge amount for the standards of the day!).This film has it all: massive battles, treachery, love, complex and interesting characters and can be understood fundamentally as a film about old age and its effects on the reduction of decision making capabilities of individual decision makers (that's sounded terrible, didn't it? 🙂 ).So concluding this is the best film out of those five, that I have seem from Kurosawa. Highly recommended. I gave it only 9/10 to differentiate from the truly "best" films ever.

I saw this movie when it first came out but remembered very little of it. How fortunate I was to be able to see a new print of this movie on a cinema screen recently!I have seen many of Kurosawa's movies and have to say that this is certainly among the best of them. For pure spectacle nothing else he did comes close, with remarkably choreographed battle scenes, but that is just the icing on the cake. The actors, headed by the truly splendid Nakadai, all acquit themselves well including, most especially, Mieko Harada who gives a volcanic performance as the archetypal femme fatale sowing ruin wherever she goes. The story is epic and timeless, and the cinematography and editing are wonderful. The whole enterprise is spiced with Kurosawa's laser-like focus on human folly.If you have the opportunity to see this movie, particularly in a cinema, do not miss it. Then watch Yojimbo and compare the two — they are both great films from the same maker yet refreshingly distinct treatmen…


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