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Genres: Horror , Thriller
Actors: Danielle De Luca , Sonja Runar , Ronald Dunas , Arron Shiver , J.D. Garfield , Robyn Reede , Kalila Ceccarelli , Mel MacKaron , Jenny Marlowe , Rhett Lynch , Lisa Hill , Lourdez Gonzales , Ruben Garcia , Rima Miller , Kate Vasquez-Eberhardt
Director: Thom Eberhardt
Country: United States
Year: 2007
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (1121 votes)

A young woman travels to a town where hunting is a very common sport and works as a dancer. But after accepting a ride from a stranger… See full synopsis »

Film Review

I avidly support all the positive comments posted here and add my admiration for how incredibly well both Danielle De Luca and director Eberhart manage the nearly impossible task of threading a needle — deftly avoiding all the pitfalls inherent in this notoriously salacious genre. The way this movie begins by promising to be "just like all the rest" turns out to be either an intentional setup to later catch us off guard by its uniqueness, or a testament to an unanticipated epiphany that suddenly swept this project off its feet part-way through and caused a quantum leap to "A" Movie quality that even manages to transcend the gratuitous non sequiturs required to keep it going for the expected feature-movie length.To my mind, "Naked Fear" succeeds by actually committing a consummate taboo: rendering the plot almost irrelevant by causing the viewer to become more intrigued by its direction, cinematography, and most of all, the riveting performance and physio…

If you think of the main villain as Elmer Fudd, this movie becomes much more funny.So essentially, you have this small New Mexico town, where the local police department takes no notice of the fact that dozens of strippers from the local strip clubs vanish without a trace. In fact, the part of the movie that is about the one rogue cop who tries to catch the real killer is so irrelevant to the plot that I'm not even sure why they included it.THe main part is about the hunter dude who decides that he would rather hunt strippers than deer. That is of course, after he rapes them. (Tastefully shown with a cut-away.) The heroine of the movie is show as a innocent girl who is tricked into stripping and prostitution. Of course. We wouldn't feel any sympathy for her if she CHOSE to be a prostitute. She is stripped naked and forced to run from the crazy hunter who goes after her with a crossbow until she actually proves too resilient, and he switches to a long range hunting rifle. After…

Its been a long time that there has been an effort to re create the genre of Exploitation. The main stream is busy at making films from cartoons, comics and books. real creativity of art is lacking these days. This movie could be have much better, but at least some one dared to make it, so my hats off to director. But more than that, it is the actress who has done a worth-looking role. Running around naked for around 30 minutes of the movie length is not an easy job. So, salute to bravery. The good part is that there is sex or profanity in the movie and can be watched any where and any time. The nudity is tasteful and at one time, you are more interested in what is happening next and not what is in front of you. I just wish that other actors could have done a better job.Now, question is. Will there be more movies like this or not?


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