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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Franco Interlenghi , Alberto Sordi , Franco Fabrizi , Leopoldo Trieste , Riccardo Fellini , Leonora Ruffo , Jean Brochard , Claude Farell , Carlo Romano , Enrico Viarisio , Paola Borboni , Lída Baarová , Arlette Sauvage , Vira Silenti , Maja Nipora
Director: Federico Fellini
Country: Italy, France
Year: 1953
IMDB Rating: 7.9/10 (6510 votes)

Fausto Moretti, having seduced Sandra Rubini, the sister of his friend and companion Moraldo Rubini, is forced to marry her. After their honeymoon, he takes a job as a salesman of religious objects in a small shot. He isn’t changed by his marriage and still looks for women, with his friends, when and where they can find them. He even tries to seduce the wife of his boss and is fired. After each episode, Sandra forgives him. He and his friends of similar temperament are content to be idle, chase girls and leave the work and job-hunting to others. After spending the night away from home with a girl, Sandra cannot forgive anymore and runs off with their child. Fausto and his friends search all over fearing the worst, and he finally finds her at the home of his father, Francesco, who gives him a deserved thrashing. The couple reconciles and Fausto pledges to reform. Life goes on as usual for his other friends, always planning but never getting around to doing anything constructive, with the exception of Moraldo, who makes the break and leaves their town to seek a better life elsewhere. Written by Les Adams A sensitive character study of five young men trapped in a small town on the Adriatic. Their discontentment and restlessness lead them into a variety of activities, not all of them admirable. Written by Rick Fleming In a small seaside town in Italy, Moraldo Rubini, Alberto, Fausto Moretti, Leopoldo Vannucci and Riccardo form a group of idle friends that spend their time together doing nothing but drinking, flirting and going to parties. When Fausto’s girlfriend Sandra Rubini gets pregnant, he is pressed by his own father to marry her. However, the irresponsible Fausto remains unfaithful to Sandra, cheating her with many women and almost leading his family to a tragedy.

Film Review

Fellini could be so very comic sometimes (as in several scenes of "I Vitelloni","Il Bidone","Le Notti …","Ginger and Fred"), because he had a keen perception of the alienation, tearing, solitude, abasement,loss,abandonment.Notice that all the movies I have enumerated have as characters not intellectuals,but humble or downtrodden people (the boys from "I Vitelloni" are not intellectuals,but "spivs",dilettantes.)He took life as his subject,and of a very special interest in "I Vitelloni" are the characters that make the life hold:Mrs. Baarowa,who refuses to cheat her fat and ugly husband,and Mrs. Ruffo, who believes in her man and loves him,and this gestures prevent the life from being a farce;so,there are these elements of love and marital respect in "I Vitelloni",and Fellini is not disposed to undermine them."I Vitelloni" is Fellini's third movie as a director,one year before "La Strada…

The genesis of "I Vitelloni" occurred at a critical time for Federico Fellini. His previous film, "The White Sheik" had been met with such disappointment by critics and audiences that his directoral career was in jeopardy. So, with the need for a successful production on his head, Fellini decided to make a simple comedy…!The simple story of the five "loafers" and "dreamers" could have been maudlin and trite, but in the hands of Fellini, the story unfolds like a beautiful flower as part of an overall powerful, moving experience. Few directors have communicated their personal vision and experience as intensely as did Fellini. While there is dispute as to whether there is a direct correlation of the character of Moraldo to Fellini himself, Fellini puts us comfortably into his shoes and we connect with Moraldo's frustrations, aspirations, and eventually, his exodus.With "I Vitteloni", Fellini began to hit his stride of 10 years of gr…

This movie followed several 30-something friends in a small seaside town in Italy in the 1950s. All of them, aside from being friends, have one thing in common–they all seem to be ne'er-do-wells who need to grow up and get jobs! While several of these characters were far from being likable, they do a good job of convincing you they are real. In many ways, this reminded me of a much later Fellini film, AMARCORD with all its assorted odd characters in a small town. I particularly liked the one character who is a selfish and lazy womanizer because it's so interesting to watch both the smooth way he operates AND the way his family around him enables and excuses his behaviors–that is, until near the end of the film. This need to grow up and stop making excuses is what makes the conclusion of the film so satisfying.An excellent Italian film–one of Fellini's best, though his die-hard fans of Fellini's surrealistic films of the 60s and afterwards may be quite disappointed s…


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