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Genres: Comedy , Drama , Mystery
Actors: Masatoshi Nagase , Lili Taylor , Fisher Stevens , Gísli Halldórsson , Laura Hughes , Seijun Suzuki , Hiromasa Shimada , Masayuki Sasaki , Taizô Mizumura , Ichiko Takashi , Taeko Kato , Toshimori Iwaki , Ari Matthíasson , Magnús Ólafsson , Rúrik Haraldsson
Director: Friðrik Þór Friðriksson
Country: United States, Japan, Iceland, Denmark, Germany
Year: 1995
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 (1208 votes)

Hirata finds himself canceling his vacation plans to Hawaii when his grandfather reminds him of his duty to his parents. Seven years earlier, Hirata’s parents had been killed in an accident in Iceland and Japanese tradition holds that their souls will not be at ease until the proper ceremonies have been performed. Thus, Hirata sets out on a journey, a quest to the river where his parents perished. Along the way, in this Icelandic-Japanese road movie, he encounters many difficulties, tough situations, and odd people in the land of fire and ice. Fridrik Thor Fridriksson’s vision infuses Iceland’s stark and beautiful landscape with a haunting spirituality.

Film Review

I saw this movie with my date back in 1997. The movie overwhelmed me in every way and I was burst into tears at the end when the Japanese man finally was able to bring back the spirits of his parents. I was also so touched by the soundtrack but haven’t been able to locate it at any music stores. Does anyone know where I can buy the soundtrack? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hirata, a japanese businessman, is forced to visit Iceland instead of Hawaii based on family matters.At several occations I found this film very amusing and charming, especially Hirata and the strange icelandic people that he meets, asking; "How do you like Iceland ?" – As Hirata is tricked into buying a deep-frozen car, he uses this to travel across Iceland. The radio play terrible folk music, but can’t be turned off.. And when he picks up two american hitchers Lili Taylor and Fisher Stevens, naturally the music drives them mad.. Hence the exclaim: "It’s an icelandic torture chamber"…Great! With Masatoshi Nagase from "Mystery Train" as Hirata, thoughts go to Jim Jarmusch though mostly for the directing of the film.. A great, cold, atmospheric vision, strange and beautiful.


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