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Genres: Action , Drama
Actors: Lou Ferrigno , Reb Brown , Michael Dante , Mike Moroff , Marilyn Tokuda , Al Leong , James Shigeta , Branscombe Richmond , Tiger Chung Lee , Al Ruscio , Daniel Martine , Rion Hunter , Dana Lee , Maggie Mae Miller , Paul Sorensen
Director: Lang Elliott
Country: United States
Year: 1989
IMDB Rating: 4.1/10 (296 votes)

A GI in Vietnam saves his buddy’s life, but in the process is shot in the head. The injury results in brain damage to the point where he basically has a child’s brain in a (very large) man’s body. When they get out of the army the two open up a bar together, but some local gangsters make things tough for them after they refuse to take part in brutal “cage” matches where fighters battle to the point of serious injury and/or death.

Film Review

I rented this film to see what might be a bloody, non stop action movie and got this overly sentimental and super cheap low budget action-drama that makes Kickboxer look like Die Hard. Lou and Reb are in Vietnam and as Lou saves Reb from the gooks, he gets shot in the head in what is easily one of the worst effects ever. The Vietnam scenes are shot in someones backyard, I swear! Lou is now brain damaged and Reb and him live together and own a bar. Super homoerotic. Lou is convinced to fight in a cage for money and Reb goes on a killing spree to get him back. There is no good fight scenes at all, the punches are two inches away from a person. Characters personalities change in matter of seconds. One guy is a bad and in the next scene he’s good. The acting is horrid and the music is some overly sentimental Frank Stallone sounding song that would make you sick. I hated this film.

I expected to get some laughs from a movie I thought would be like Schwarzeneggers Commando or something like that but I was amazed at what it actually is, a movie about a powerful friendship between two vietnam veterans (Lou Ferrigino and Reb Brown), one of them saved the other while getting shot in the head and now hence he has the mentality of a boy. Reb Brown being the one Lou saved he now repays his debt by taking care of him.At the same time two low mobsters have lost money fighting on an illegal cage match and need a new fighter. They run into Brown and Ferrigino and later persuade Ferrigino to wrestle out in the cage because he doesn’t understand what it actually means. Brown try to find him to save his one and only friend and it all ends in a terrific climax. Good action and some reasonable good acting.Is somewhere between a six and a ten.

re-watched this last night for the first time in about ten years- it was my Cage night. The other cage was Nicholas Cage in Bangkok Dangerous, which I will review shortly. Okay, here's the dilly yo. It's a shame that not more people have seen Cage, which is perhaps Lou Ferrigno's best role and character in the mentally handicapped Vietnam Vet Billy. Indeed, Cage is problematic in the action world because it is hard to categorize. I mean, not many action films would dare to venture into the world of the mentally handicapped, and 'Cage' can best be described as 'Of Mice and Men' meets 'Bloodsport.' This was one of those fun, cheesy 80s films I would rent when I was a kid along with the latest Don "the Dragon" Wilson feature or the newest installment of the Tiger Claws movies. The sets are cheap, the action choreography is sloppy, and the whole thing is just freakin' sweet. I don't know what the filmmakers were going for, but I can on…


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