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Genres: Action , Adventure , Biography
Actors: Gerard Butler , Powers Boothe , Simmone Mackinnon , Reg Rogers , Alice Krige , Pauline Lynch , Steven Berkoff , Andrew Pleavin , Tommy Flanagan , Kirsty Mitchell , Jonathan Hyde , Tim Curry , Janet Henfrey , Liam Cunningham , Rollo Weeks
Director: Dick Lowry
Country: Lithuania, United States
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (4304 votes)

A romanced story of Attila the Hun, since his childhood, when he lost his parents until his death. Attila is disclosed as a great leader, strategist and lover and the movie shows his respect to the great Roman strategist Flavius Aetius, his loves and passions, the gossips, intrigues and betrayals in Rome, all of these feelings evolved by magic and mysticism.

Film Review

My name is Laura and I am a Gerard Butler Addict! Yes people I admit it – have been for years and I have to say this is one of my personal favourites, although it wasn't till i became a fan that i found out it existed! And its not just because of the torso! Gerard is fantastic (had i not been a fan i would have said that anyway!) he goes head first into every battle making you root for the Huns and not really caring if they come and destroy your village! And on the flip side you wanna be the one ripping his clothes off (did you see that torso??) and shouting 'Nooooooo!' at the telly when he gets murdered at the end!I had heard of Powers Boothe before seeing 'Attila' but had never seen anything he'd done but i was pleasantly surprised! That man looks kinda scary when he wants too! The plot line does run a bit thin in places but you can forgive them that – theirs plenty of other things to keep you going. The fight scenes are fantastic in places though you wish th…

Atilla 2001 (TV) A compelling epic dramaAttila/Atilla (Rollo Weeks) has the remarkable ability of a young warrior when hunting on the steppes. He deals resolutely with the tribesmen who destroyed his village so that his leadership quality is revealed at a young age.Attila (Gerard Butler)(Timeline, Phantom of the Opera, Dear Frankie) is an impressive warrior who is proud of being a Hun. He unites the tribesmen of the villages to become a powerful force on the battlefield with their lightning attacks on the enemy; the use of stirrups gave the Huns the advantage over their enemy. Attila realizes that he needs the ‘belief’ of the kings he has conquered not just their ‘obedience’ and this makes him such a respected ruler; his expressive gestures reveal his strong emotions through fine intuitive acting. Attila’s characteristic penetrating gaze allows no further discussion when he considers the matter to be closed.The women of the villages fought as fiercely as their men when their villages …

Dramatic, colorful exploration of ancient power struggle between Romans and the Huns with the emphasis on spectacle, battles and romance, all produced for TV with taste and skill evident in every frame. All the performances are top notch.GERARD BUTLER does an excellent job as Attila the Hun, the arrogant warrior with the intense gaze whose Roman rival is played (with more restraint) by POWERS BOOTHE, who resembles a younger, less craggy John Huston both in voice and demeanor. Butler has full command of his role and surely must be considered a threat to other more famous performers like Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe. He has star quality and it’s on full display here.SIMMONE MACKINNON is effective in a dual role as two of the women in his life and REG ROGERS has some scene-stealing moments as Valentinian, the wimpy son of ALICE KRIGE. His final scene with Powers Boothe is a shocker. TIM CURRY has a small role but makes the most of it.Gritty battle scenes seem a little too extended for my…


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